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Using brain science to help families thrive
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Family Support is here to help Hammersmith and Fulham children, young people and their families thrive – and Coronavirus won’t change that!

Family Support is here to support families at every stage to build stronger brains and build resilience.

Due to the coronavirus outbreak we will be following guidance to limit social contact and practise social distancing. This means we need adapt the way in which we provide services to children, young people and families.

You can now access some amazing live and pre-recorded sessions in our virtual family centre, and we are looking at how we can safely open up our centres again. We will keep you posted.

Our staff still offer support at home with families and you can also access our helpful advice guides for difficult situations 24/7. If making ends meet is hard right now, food bank vouchers are available at our support centres and you could also be eligible for fresh fruit and veg vouchers.
We offer support for families through the good times and the tough. Get in contact if we can support you in anyway.

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We've info and advice to help with all sorts of worries
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Providing online support

Due the coronavirus outbreak, we've changed the way we provide our services.
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There's a team of support workers based at each of our family centres, there to help and advise you should you need it.
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