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Yoga for women

Exercise is as important for our brains as it is for our bodies and feeling good about ourselves helps to make us feel good about being a positive parent!
Crèche available for children up to 5 years
Parents and children
Mother and child

Strengthening bonds and developing healthy brains...

‘This is the one hour of the week I get to myself, I feel happier, healthier and more able to cope with my child just because of the session and fabulous teacher,' says Yoga mummy Karen.
Here’s three reasons why you should come along
1. We'll look after your child while you attend.
Your child can attend an educational and exciting crèche where they are safe and well cared for giving you time to yourself without worrying!
2. Yoga is a very safe way to strengthen your body particularly after childbirth.
It can also help to manage certain muscular pain when taught and used correctly.
3. Our Yoga teacher is an extremely experienced and highly qualified instructor.
She is also very much part of the team and can point mums who might need extra help in the right direction.

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Learn & Play sessions are run at 15 of our family centres so there's bound to be a session near you!

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