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Helping children, young people and their families thrive

Children's centres


Hi! I'm Alby...

You'll find me in all our children's centres, or brain building centres, as I like to call them!

That's because all our activities are focused on building your babies and children's' brains - making sure they have strong executive functioning and communication skills that will set them up to thrive as adults.

You can enrol your child at one of our children's centres using our online form.

Bayonne Children's Centre

Bayonne Children's Centre

50 Paynes Walk
W6 8PF
t: 020 7385 5366
Cathnor Park Family Centre

Cathnor Park Children's Centre

1 Melina Road
W12 9HY
t: 020 8740 2000
Fulham Central Children's Centre

Fulham Central Children's Centre

Tudor Rose Building
Fulham Court
t: 020 7736 4350
Melcombe Family Centre

Melcombe Children's Centre

Fulham Palace Road
W6 9ER
t: 020 8748 2939

Play @ Brackenbury

Brackenbury Primary School
Dalling Road
W6 0BA
t: 0208 762 0654