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Helping children, young people and their families thrive

Coronavirus (COVID-19): Stay up to date with the latest government guidance and see how our service is adapting to support you during this time.

For school staff check out our 'return to school' programmes which will help you support children back into the school environment post lockdown.

Pregnancy and antenatal

There are many local services available to offer help and support before, during and after having your baby.

Working with health visitors and midwifes

Our family centres have a strong relationship with health visitors and midwifes across Hammersmith and Fulham.  For many years we have worked alongside each other to support. families as they grow and develop. There are also a range of baby clinics run by health visitors available across our centres every week.

After seeing your GP you will be allocated a midwife or midwifery clinic. Many of these clinics are in our family centres making it easy and accessible to see your midwife but will be dependent on where you choose to give birth.

Most mums choose to have their babies at Chelsea and Westminster, Queen Charlottes or St Mary’s with each of these hospitals offering a home birth option.

Pregnancy and antenatal
Pregnancy and antenatal
Pregnancy and antenatal

Support during pregnancy

From the beginning of your pregnancy, our family centres are there to give you help, support and advice.  

You can obtain free Vitamin D supplements and also seek help on issues that might making life difficult such as finances, housing and relationships.

Support after pregnancy

After you give birth, our local health visitors are on hand to offer advice and you'll also be able to come along to regular health clinics. 

Pregnancy and antenatal

Perinatal support

There's also perinatal support for mums who may have mental health problems or are suffering from pre or postnatal mental health complications. The team can see you in one of our family centres and can help you plan a pregnancy if you have been diagnosed with a mental health condition or have suffered with related difficulties during a previous pregnancy. For more from the West London Mental Health Trust.

Need help with parenting?

Make the first step and talk to one of our local Family Support workers to see how we can help. Pop into one of our family centres, email or phone 020 8753 6070.

Pregnancy and antenatal
Pregnancy and antenatal
Pregnancy and antenatal

Find out more

There are also a host of local support networks, birth planning groups and of course social media groups you can access for help and guidance, for example

The is great advice and useful videos about pregnancy and birth available from Family Lives.

Helping your baby develop a healthy brain

The vital architecture of a baby’s brain begins to be formed soon after conception. Find out what you can do to help build your baby’s brain before birth and in the first few months of life.

Pregnancy and antenatal
Need to talk

Need to talk?

If you would like to talk to one of our local Family Support workers to see how we can help, pop into one of our family centres, email or phone 020 8753 6070.

We're here to help with tailored support for you and your family - just ask!

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Worried about a child?

If you are worried about a child or young person, please call our team on 020 8753 6600.

If you are worried that a child or young person is at immediate risk, please contact the NSPCC on 0808 800 500 or or call the police on 999

Remember Childline is always there for any young person online and on the phone anytime. If you are worried about yourself or a friend they are there for you.