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Sometimes parenting is just hard work

Social media is full of happy pics of family events with smiling, laughter and joy. Holiday snaps, birthdays or visits to the park. And that’s great – it's how we all want family life to be – happy and loving. Our children developing and learning and parents enjoying being parents.
But the reality is that it often isn't like that at all. Being a parent can be tough, lonely and exhausting. And, of course, this can be short-term and we bounce back with help from others and life moves on. Or, we can get stuck, and our children’s development can get stuck.

Every child needs loving, nurturing care from the adults around them if they are to develop the healthy brains they need to be able to thrive. If they don’t get this, for whatever reason, then healthy brain development can be impaired.

It’s important to make some time for yourself and manage your own feelings when times get tough and try to resolve conflicts calmly.

We have an extensive programme of activities to help parents through difficult times.

Sometimes parenting is just hard work

More help

Additional help is available from the following organisations:

  • Family Lives has lots of supportive and non-judgemental advice videos including a confidential helpline.
  • is a free video service designed to support and encourage parents and carers of children from ages 0-19, with a collection of over 200 videos addressing day-to-day questions and concerns spanning wellbeing, behaviour and learning.
  • The NSPCC has help and support - everything from talking PANTS to approaching difficult issues. They have a range of tips and advice to help you keep children safe whether they’re at home, out and about or online.
Sometimes parenting is just hard work
Need to talk

Need to talk?

If you would like to talk to one of our local Family Support workers to see how we can help, pop into one of our family centres, email or phone 020 8753 6070.

We're here to help with tailored support for you and your family - just ask!

Houra from Masbro

Worried about a child?

If you are worried about a child or young person, please call our team on 020 8753 6600.

If you are worried that a child or young person is at immediate risk, please contact the NSPCC on 0808 800 500 or or call the police on 999

Remember Childline is always there for any young person online and on the phone anytime. If you are worried about yourself or a friend they are there for you.