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Using brain science to help families thrive

Family Quest: Continuous Quality Improvement Service

Family Quest is an evidence based audit system, which examines and demonstrates the quality of work being conducted by your organisation.

Using modern digital technology to ensure ease of use and efficiency, Family Quest helps reduce time spent inspecting, processing and recording all relevant data and case files.

How will Family Quest help my organisation?

Family Quest ensure all children, adolescent and family services are monitored via the same robust and consistent models. Using clever data & analytics it can quickly depict performance in key areas of interest.

Family Quest provides:

  • A bespoke framework for auditing practice in line with your organisation’s values
  • A quality assurance framework to ensure your service is delivered to the highest standard alongside a clear strategy and robust policies & procedures
  • A universal and standardised approach to safeguarding children and young people with their needs formally assessed and supported
  • Our Quest App to help stay on top of your organisation's audit and management activity

How does the Quest App work?

  • Records evidence centrally and surfaces this information in real-time for managers and regulators such as Ofsted
  • Tailored to provide support in a specific environment or organisation
  • Sets deadlines for audit management actions and reports on progress made
  • Automatically generates PDF case file audit reports to store on your CRM
  • Uses audits to generate insight and analysis which can be assessed across each domain in relation to the ten attributes which are scored
  • Allows all audits to be stored and collated monthly into data dashboards, helping the senior management team understand the pain points and ensure the organisation is Ofsted-ready
  • Ensures relevant members of your team can access the Quest App to undertake or manage assurance work

Technical elements:

  • Deployed into your organisation's own Office 365 environment
  • Accessible via multiple devices such as a PC, tablet, laptop or smartphone
  • Data within the Quest App is anonymised to alleviate GDPR requirements

In addition to the Quest App technology, Family Quest includes our dedicated consulting and support services to develop and deliver practical implementation plans to ensure you become a fully assured organisation.

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The Quest App has been developed with our technical implementation partner, Agilisys, a leading digital organisation supporting the public sector.

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Family Support also worked with NSPCC to produce a framework based on the five domains that are considered essential to delivery of all children’s services if they are to be deemed safe and of a high quality.

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