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Using brain science to help families thrive

Online Learning: An Introduction to Using Brain Science

We believe the ability to understand the impact of trauma is very important and poignant at the moment given the current situation.

This short, online learning course explains the concept of brain science and core brain development through simple and tested metaphors. You will learn the practical steps to take to support a child’s healthy brain development and adopt a common language to apply in every setting.

Increase your trauma sensitive understanding, boost your confidence and guide children through school during this unsettling time.

Book today and receive a 10% reduction until the end of the year.

Who should take this course

We have developed this course specifically for teachers, school support staff and SENCO professionals who work with children and/or families.

What will I learn?

You will learn how trauma affects brain development and that trauma experienced by children and young people has an impact on their behaviour, attendance and ultimate educational and social outcomes. This course will provide you with:

  • The basis of brain science
  • 6 metaphor techniques
  • The core concepts of brain development
  • The impact of trauma and toxic stress on a child’s behaviour
  • Steps to take to help build a strong-healthy brain
  • A shared accessible language.
How to build resilient brains?
How to build resilient brains?
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How it works

Our experienced Family Support practitioners will facilitate the learning by blending a range of;

  • Practical exercises and activities
  • Mini polls
  • Shared discussions.

Our approach to learning will help you to quickly absorb information, consider implications and outcomes and most importantly how to immediately apply brain science techniques into your everyday practice.

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Book our online course for your school today. Cost £600+VAT.

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