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Using brain science to help families thrive

Online Learning: Reducing Parental Conflict

This programme is designed for professionals working with children and families, developing skills to help address and reduce parental conflict.

The information and learning will help deepen understanding and provides the initial direction on how a trauma informed approach can be implemented in everyday practice.

Overview for this programme

The learning will provide practical guidance to support professionals in identifying and exploring parental conflict and support couples/co-parents in resolving conflict.

We will also take you through the core concepts around child brain development.

Due to Covid-19 and the obstacles delivering face-to-face training, this programme has been adapted to be delivered online.

Family at home
Family at home
Family sitting with practitioner

What will I learn?

Online eLearning modules through Knowledgepool covering the following key areas:

  • Module 1 - Parental conflict and its impact on child outcomes: Interpreting and using the evidence base
  • Module 2 - Identifying and discussing parental conflict with parents, including the role of values, beliefs and influences
  • Module 3 - Having challenging conversations on parental conflict: support, refer or intervene
  • Module 4 - Reducing parental conflict: the role of supervisors and managers

This learning will be followed by a webinar and twilight session including:

  • An understanding of the brain science and the 6 metaphors
  • Core concepts of brain development
  • The impact of trauma and toxic stress on a child’s behaviour
  • Steps to help build a strong-healthy brain
  • The ability to communicate a shared language to the community.
Family sitting with practitioner

Our online course is delivered as a live webinar, lasting 2.5 hours and is delivered via Zoom.

This is followed by a twilight session, also delivered via Zoom, typically scheduled 6-8 weeks after the initial course.

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