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Rethinking your service delivery: Setting up a LATC

We work with local authorities’ to share best practice and deliver services within the sector.

We have successfully established a Local Authority Trading Company (LATC) for Hammersmith & Fulham and are now sharing our learning and experience to help other local authorities create a similar business model.

We have developed key understanding and insights into how to find solutions to difficult challenges and utilising our experience will enable you to save time, money, resource.

Our innovative and agile approach to setting up and delivering services will boost efficiencies, increase effectiveness, speed up market response time, consolidate resource and reduce your costs.

By utilising our LATC set up skills you’ll also release pressure and stress for anyone tasked with undertaking a similar venture.

Children playing
Children playing

Establishing a LATC provides an amazing opportunity to raise quality, back innovative practice, form a wealth of new partnerships and, of course, save costs.

Through our LATC consultancy service you will learn about the vast reach of of LATCs, how to navigate complicated establishment periods and make sure the basics (such as disgruntled staff, new payroll, pensions, HR and contracts) are not overlooked. It is vital to establish and champion the high-level vision and purpose of the new organisation, share this effectively and explain the how, the why and what it means. Get this wrong and there will be confusion, suspicion and frustration. High level stakeholders will lose interest, getting to ‘business as usual’ will take longer and benefits will be slow to be realised.

An alternative to competitive procurement

Traditional procurement can be very expensive. You also have to decide in advance what you want rather than developing an offer collaboratively. As an LATC we can advise on how we can create a joint venture partnership where you retain ownership of an entity and thereby create an innovative creative delivery vehicle that saves money, delivers better quality where you set the outcomes. Having already been established in this way means that you don’t have to ‘start-from-scratch’.

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What do you learn and what are the outcomes?

You will learn how to overcome the vast demands of a LATC, the complicated establishment period and the basics which are often overlooked including issues such as disgruntled staff, new payroll, pensions, HR, finance, directors, governance working capital, contract and information governance. We will explain the how, the why and of, course, what it means. Get this wrong and no matter how good your prep is – there will be confusion, suspicion, and frustration. High level stakeholders will lose interest and getting to ‘business as usual’ will take longer with benefits slow to be realised.

LATC consultancy services brainstorm

We will work with you in a consultative and agile way to help you quickly focus on what you want. This is a complex area where talking through a bespoke offer works best.

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