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Using brain science to help families thrive

Transitions and Resilience Programme

Family Support's 'Transition and Resilience Programme', aims to reduce serious youth violence and keep children who are at the risk of exclusion, in school. The programme will support children between the ages of 10-14-year olds, who will either be transitioning from primary school to secondary school or are currently at secondary school.

The aim of this project is to keep children in mainstream school, reduce risk of exclusions, increase resilience, support children to improve their decision making skills and keep them away from the negative impact of criminality.

The Transition and Resilience Programme will:

  • Provide a Family Practitioner/Intensive Inclusion Practitioner to support the child and family intensively especially across the transition from primary school to secondary school.
  • Provide and facilitate Group work and peer mentoring sessions for all children invited on to the project.
  • Provide children decision making training via the use of Brain in Hand (BIH app).
  • Work with TIC+ recently awarded British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy Accredited Service status for the TIC+ Counselling service.
  • Use of virtual reality software to enhance and accelerate the learning experience of the users of the project.
  • Partner with educational institutions, local Authorities and ASE Mentoring.

What are the outcomes?

  • The ideal outcome is to keep children in schools, enjoying education and achieving in school.
  • Help a child manage and regulate their behaviour at school.
  • We aim to minimise both the financial and emotional cost that the family and a local authority face when a child is moved.


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Our partners

Brain in hand

Brain in Hand delivers support services using assistive technology. Their professional support system gives people easy access to personalised digital self-management tools and human support. Always available via mobile, it helps with remembering things, making decisions when anxious or confused, and coping with unexpected events. Watch and explanation video here: Brain in Hand Explained


TIC+ has been awarded, British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy,  Accredited Service status for the TIC+ Counselling service. 

Round midnight

Round Midnight has been delivering education and training programs in Birmingham, across the UK and internationally since 1992. Their high impact topical performances and workshops provide a new platform for creative learning. They developed Virtual Decisions a unique and interactive virtual reality that delivers real-life experiences for young people through the use of VR.


Active Successful Engagement (ASÉ) is a Community Interest Company committed to community cohesion - Holistic Mentoring lies at the heart of their organisation - The ASÉ Team recognises Mentoring as a powerful tool and use it as a holistic solution-focused approach, for Mentees to talk and thrive. This building confidence, self-esteem and resilience.