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Using brain science to help families thrive

Trauma Sensitive School

Using an agile and innovative approach, we tailor our services for schools to ensure every child has the best chance to learn and thrive.

We have developed a suite of activities and services for schools delivered using the latest in behavioural research, technology and immersive learning.

Who the programme is for:

Our programmes will provide teachers and professionals in your school the theoretical and practical guidance on the steps they can take to help support a child’s healthy brain development.

We work with all types of schools, charities and educational organisations across the UK.

What the outcomes are:

  • The learning covers the core concepts of child brain development and the impact of trauma.
  • The programme provides a shared language to use in a trauma sensitive approach.
  • Practical exercises for professionals to help children build strong and healthy brains.
  • Materials and collateral to share or display in the school as helpful reminders of the metaphors.
  • Audit and implementation of strategies, policies and approach to address the potential impact of early life trauma in your school.
  • A Family Practitioner embedded within your school to support casework with students and their families.
School classroom, pupil with hand raised
School classroom, pupil with hand raised

"I am really impressed with the training offered by the Family Support team. The team led our staff through an excellent explanation of current brain science and its implication on the brain development of children. Our staff fully engaged with their learning and their questioning indicated how they were already linking the learning to their roles as parents and educators. 

The follow-up resources on the six metaphors will give our staff the opportunity to process their learning further. We have also used the resources and adapted them to be delivered to all our students so they too understand the development of their brains and how as teenagers they have this wonderful opportunity to strengthen their capacity to make wise decision through the use of their executive control. The air-traffic control metaphor will be especially useful in our MHEW and pastoral work with our students."

Testimonial: Sacred Heart High School, September 2020


Total Family Practitioner time: 3 days

  • An Introduction to Using Brain Science webinar
  • Twilight sessions to discuss the 'So What?'
  • Practical exercises and tasks
  • Introducing the theory of change development
  • Posters - helpful reminders of the metaphors
  • Dinosaur Douglas – an engaging story for children that can help teachers start conversations around the metaphors.


Total Family Practitioner time: 24 days

Includes the Trauma Sensitive School (Intermediate) programme.

  • Theory of change outcome measures
  • Trauma sensitive schools audit
  • Secondary trauma triggers/Air Traffic Control audit action plan
  • Implementing spaces for children to safely manage their fight, flight or freeze response and air traffic control systems
  • Additional teacher and parent workshops
  • Optional extra: VR immersive learning sessions.

Traded Offer

Total Family Practitioner time: 38 days

Includes the Trauma Sensitive School (Advanced) programme.

  • TIS action plan development and completion with policy change considerations
  • Staff/team supervision (supporting each other, support to regulate)
  • Developing and putting into place pupil trauma profiles
  • Internal vulnerable children’s panel
  • Trauma sensitive transitions in place.

LBHF schools receive our Trauma Sensitive School (Intermediate) as part of our LATC service agreement.

Our Trauma Sensitive School programmes start at £1,800+VAT and can be tailored to your school needs.

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Webinar: An Introduction to Using Brain Science

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