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Helping children, young people and their families thrive

First session of VR training a success

Family Support launched its Virtual Reality (VR) training this week, immersing practitioners working with families into the child’s perspective.

Family Support is working with the Cornerstone Partnership which has pioneered VR content which aims to build more resilient relationships between adults and children.

The VR kits will be used to train other professionals in Hammersmith & Fulham working with children, young people and families as well as with families directly where appropriate.

vr training

VR training in action

Peter Watt, Family Support’s managing director said: “This is another awesome initiative rolled out by Family Support as we continue on our mission to build more resilient brains! Research has shown VR experiences have more impact on behaviour change then just reading about or watching and I look forward to seeing the impact this tool has on our practice.”

The technology will be used in the borough to help improve adult relationships with, often vulnerable, children and young people. That ranges from parents and carers to teachers and football coaches.

mike training

Family practitioner Mike Saunders training

Helen Costa, CEO “While VR has been used in therapeutic and research contexts, using VR as a training tool to accelerate behaviour change is something new. After much research, we believe VR can have a major application in social care settings and in addressing a wide range of mental health issues for children”.

For more information or to enquire about a training session for your organisation contact