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Helping children, young people and their families thrive

Coronavirus (COVID-19): Stay up to date with the latest government guidance and see how our service is adapting to support you during this time.

For school staff check out our 'return to school' programmes which will help you support children back into the school environment post lockdown.

Flexibility, trauma science and better relationships; why not work for Family Support in Hammersmith and Fulham?

We're an innovative supplier of support services for families in Hammersmith and Fulham specialising in understanding and applying the science of brain development - and we are looking to expand our team!

We currently have vacancies for a Senior Early Years Adviser, Family Practitioners and Trainee Family Workers. 

Put simply, we need people that want to:

  • Support vulnerable families
  • Work flexibly at times that suit themselves and the families they work with
  • Work in an agile way which works best for them and the families that they work with

So if you want to work for an organisation that puts practitioner level decision making at the heart of what it does, provides training in brain science and trauma informed practice and offers a competitive salary and pension, get in touch.

You'll find details of current vacancies and how to apply here.

Family Support was established by Hammersmith and Fulham Council in 2018.  We are here to help families in Hammersmith & Fulham thrive. Our family centres are on hand so mums, dads, carers and children can make new friends and enjoy play and learning experiences together.  Why? Because loving, positive and nurturing relationships help children and young people develop the healthy brains they need for future life challenges.

Having children can be great fun but sometimes things can get hard and we are here for worries big and small. It could be dealing with problems at home with drugs or substance abuse, struggling to cope or feeling low. Perhaps a family has housing problems or needs help keeping the kids active or eating well.

That's where are staff come in to provide quick and easy access to support and advice.

We help families thrive by building their confidence so that they can resolve issues before they become more difficult to manage. And that means we can help children and young people develop the resilient brains they need for future life challenges.

So why not come and work for us?  As one of our Practitioners Brogan Wyness said:

"One thing in previous roles that was a niggle of mine was that we had to be in the office 10am to 4pm.  It was quite rigid even though we needed to be flexible to support families well. We got the job done but it was harder. Now, we work around the families rather than making them work around us. It means every day is different, which is great because you don't do this job to have an office job.

If the best time to see a family is at seven in the morning when the mum is getting the kids ready for school, then I will go see them then and because I do that there's no way I have to be at work until five. As long as I do my 36 hours a week, I work as I need to. It makes my husband a bit jealous of how flexible my job is compared to his."

For details of current vacancies click here.

We look forward to you joining the team!